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20 • 2011

Becky Suriano’s Wine Me?: Don’t Just Drink, Drink in Style

Wine Me? (winemecompany.com) is a hand-painted glassware company formed in October, 2010 by artist and wine enthusiast, Becky Suriano.  By combining Becky’s two favorite passions, painting and wine, Wine Me? offers usable custom art-pieces that are beautiful, stylish, and highly collectible.

Becky enjoyed attending wine festivals whenever possible and was always looking for a special wine glass to reflect her personal style while sampling.  After failing to find anything unique or interesting enough for her tastes, she decided to take matters into her own hands and hand-paint her own glass.  Her one-of-a-kind creation got so much attention she realized she was onto something special, an underserved niche market whose demand she could satisfy.  Wine Me? was born.  Wine Me?’s motto:  Don’t just drink, drink in style”.

Original Wine Me? designs are inspired by nature, fashion, music, pop-culture and fine arts. Top sellers are Becky’s original “Trees”, “Owls”, “Mushrooms”, “Butterflies”, various Animal Prints and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  Prices range from $25 to $80 per glass.  These beautiful art pieces make an exciting fashion statement, appealing to her customers’ sense of personal style and commemorating special moments.

Wine Me? also satisfies custom orders, from Salvador Dali to Seascapes & Holiday themes to Michael Jackson and the Grateful Dead, Becky Suriano’s perfectionism and attention to detail combined with her colorful style have made for some very happy customers and generous word-of-mouth promotion.  Prices for custom orders vary according to time & detail.

Within the first year of operation, Wine Me? has acquired nearly 6,500 facebook followers (facebook.com/winemecompany), and sold several thousand glasses.  Wine Me? has participated in numerous wine festivals & fairs. Wine Me? has original pieces currently being displayed at the Connexions Art Gallery in Easton, PA, and has been featured on Sacre Bleu Wine, Celebrity Wine Review TV,  Service Electric News, The Daily Anthem Newspaper, TheKnot.com, as well as numerous blogs like UrbanFish Agency & VinoLit.com.

Next Steps for Wine Me? include hiring new & qualified staff to help meet the rapidly growing demand. Future goals are to mass produce its’ most popular designs to be carried by major department stores nationwide & beyond.  Wine Me? also plans to expand inventory to other glassware (martini glasses, beer mugs) and additional product lines i.e. wine markers, tshirts, tote bags, dinnerware, etc.

We formed a Delaware S-corporation for Becky; and we qualified the company to do business in New Jersey.