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24 • 2013

David Mayorga

DPM Appraisals Incorporated is a real estate appraisal company committed to providing the highest quality and standards of appraisal products.  David Mayorga, founder of DPM Appraisals, has been a licensed appraiser since 2002.  In addition to appraiser licensing requirements, David also has a strong background in large corporation information systems and management that is the backbone of which DPM Appraisals has been developed.  The various software applications, resources and technology used by DPM Appraisals have been brought together in an effort to develop the most efficient method of producing appraisal products with quality and efficiency being an ongoing strive.  DPM Appraisals values each customer and is committed to identifying and complying with each of their individual needs and expectations.  DPM Appraisals is constantly working on improving the appraisal process and being sure that all means of communications and product delivery are of the most convenient for each customers.  Quality of product and customer service are the primary focus of business for DPM Appraisals.  Customers can also be assured that products by DPM Appraisals have been produced with the greatest level of ethical standards as expected within the industry.

We formed a California corporation for David.