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24 • 2014

Sian Balogh

Sian Balogh is a production coordinator in the live music and special event industry. She has grown her career out of being the bridge between concept and execution.  She links the idea to reality through managing all the bits and pieces, from preproduction through post-production.  In her mind, production and logistics management is a continuous challenge.  For Sian, the proof has been through hands-on experience: 17 years, thousands of events, 28 countries, 6 continents and hundreds of new people who have become her global co-workers.  From North America, to Asia, the Middle East, to Europe, regardless of language, personality and cultural barriers, she has taken care of the people and equipment who take care of the client.  Some jobs have been easy, others have been challenging to the core, but there has been no problem too big that communication and knowledge couldn’t fix.  Jane Sinister Productions, Inc. is the next step in Sian’s expanding career as a production coordinator and mentor to young professionals in the industry.