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Enrollment Manager

Tori Comin


Meet Tori

Vittoria Comin is an Enrollment Paralegal at EMINUTES, and responsible for helping existing entities enroll into our entity management service. Like many of her colleagues, she was born and raised in sunny California, and also played water polo for many years! She then braved her first real winters on the east coast to receive her Bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in Politics (no, Princeton does not call it “Political Science” because they are extra that way; and yes, it was a crazy time to be studying politics). Though she chose not to join the circus, she is still passionate about enabling others to create and live to the fullest and proud to be part of a firm that puts that into practice directly by making entity creation and management easy and accessible to everyone. When she isn’t working you’ll find her enjoying time with her family or tending to her newfound plant obsession.