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eMinutes Client Profile: Mustache


Please tell our readers about your business.  Mustache is a digital agency focused on content marketing.  We create videos, websites, apps, and other branded content, and support it with digital strategies and campaigns.  The idea behind Mustache was to give brands the opportunity to stand out in what has become an increasingly crowded marketplace, and “grow their digital.”

Tell us about the project you’re currently working on.  Right now we’re finishing up a commercial for a company called Mycharge that will be broadcast nationally.   They create portable chargers for smartphones, iPads, etc.  We tapped the direction of Adam Gunser (Ford, Cadbury, Telecom) and cinematography from Ben Richardson, (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”) to illustrate how critical our many digital devices are to our everyday lives.  I can certainly relate, and I think viewers will, too.

Why did you become an entrepreneur? Is starting a business something you always wanted to do?  Well, I worked in film for 10 years, producing movies.  But as that business became increasingly difficult to navigate, I saw an opportunity to take these experiences telling stories and creating content, and apply them to brands.  As more and more companies start relying on content and creative narratives in their marketing efforts, it was a natural, albeit somewhat unexpected, transition.

What is the number one thing you wish you could learn more about, and how will you learn about it?  The history of Mustaches, of course – Find the oldest, wisest mustachioed man there is and ask him everything he knows. We know men of power and influence wore mustaches, but why?  What made men of ingenuity who they were because of mustaches? Was it coincidence or is there a method behind the madness of mustache growth?  We are determined to discover the true meaning behind our name.

How has technology impacted your business?  Technology is always impacting our business from the cameras we shoot our commercials with to the programs we use to build media packages and more. Everyday we face the challenge of keeping up with the latest technology that will strengthen a brand’s online and media presence. Social networks are constantly shifting with new ways to connect consumers to their favorite products, and we’re fortunate to be at the forefront, bringing those opportunities to our clients.

How do you use social media in your business?  Social media is crucial in almost any creative business today. We promote our own projects through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Vimeo, just to name a few.  But we also create marketing plans and campaigns for clients that leverage the latest platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, helping them engage with their audience directly.  Brands can now create true relationships with their consumers, get feedback and improve the overall experience.  This is part of almost everything we do at Mustache.

Did you have a business plan when you started your business, and, if so, how much did you vary from it?  Initially our company was called Epic Media, with a focus argely on video production.  Although this is still a big (if not the biggest) part of what we do, following our re-brand to Mustache, our capabilities expanded to encompass all forms of digital content and strategy.  In the end, though, our goal of helping brands tell stories through compelling content has not changed.

How do you spend your workday?  It varies, which I think everyone on the Mustache team appreciates.  One day we might be on a shoot, another we’re pitching a client, another we’re brainstorming a new digital strategy.  The hours can be demanding (night and weekend work is not uncommon), but we maintain a flexibility that most “creative folk” find appealing.

Who do you rely upon in your business most, and what does he or she do for you that is so invaluable?  It might sound cliche’, but everyone at Mustache is invaluable. We are a small company where each employee has specific roles that are crucial to our day-to-day.  Additionally we have loads of extraordinary part-time employees, contractors and freelancers that we count on for different projects and campaigns.

Do you believe that “luck” played any role in the success of your company?  Starting and growing a business is a real challenge, and I do believe luck has been on our side. But luck only comes to those who believe they can be successful and work hard enough to see that success come to fruition.

If you had an extra $25,000 to spend on your business, what would you spend it on?  A Mustache Groomer because who wouldn’t want a snazzy new trim before starting work?  But in all seriousness, we would probably use the money to purchase new film equipment and a super fast cloud backup system for all our media.

How neat or messy is your desk? Extremely neat, I never leave more than a few post-its, pens and a computer charger on my desk at the end of the day.



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