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Our Story

Our story started 25 years ago….

… with a simple idea, a single-room office, and Jeff’s mom answering the phone. We thought if we could combine legal expertise, scale, and technology we could revolutionize corporate maintenance. Along the way, we were encouraged by brilliant professionals (thank you Victor, Ron, Steve, John, and Michael, and countless others) who pushed us to hone our skills, improve our services, and develop features. We were entrusted to handle corporate work for the best known actors, writers, producers, directors and athletes on the planet. Now, we’re the go-to lawyers for the formation and maintenance of corporations and LLCs.

At a glance

Who we are

We’re lawyers who are laser focused on entity formation and maintenance.  We obsess over our clients’ experience and how to improve it.  We’re never satisfied.  We use data to dazzle.

Entities enrolled in our entity management service.


Founded in 1997. We’ve been doing this for a quarter of a century.


California Statements of Information handled every year.


Our encrypted database enables us to operate on a whole new level.

We started with an audacious goal — to deliver legal services almost instantaneously.  We asked ourselves what if we were to gather sufficient information when we work with a legal entity so we had everything we needed to qualify in any state, surrender, dissolve, or do whatever a client needed?  We decided to do just that. We don’t wait for the client to ask us to qualify a company to do business in say, Nebraska.  We’re sufficiently thorough when enrolling a company that we can send out documents in the blink of an eye.

eMinutes culture

EMINUTES exists to do one thing.

We exist to be the best in the world at forming and maintaining entities, and we do so by adhering to our core values.