"My practice focuses exclusively on
forming corporations and LLCs."
- Erika Easter, Attorney

Lawyer (Erika) with large bank of windows in background

Legal Counsel and Custom Documents

Every single entity we form is handled by our lawyers in a thorough and comprehensive way. The first question we will help you answer is what kind of entity to form. There are important differences between C-Corporations, S-Corporations, and LLCs.

Legal Advice and Flat Charges

Our $875 flat charge includes legal counsel regarding every aspect of the structure of your new company and the following:

  • Determine name availability
  • Reserve corporate name in states where appropriate
  • Prepare and file Certificate/Articles of Incorporation/Formation with Secretary of State
  • All Secretary of State filing fees
  • Prepare all Organizational Documents (Operating Agreement (for LLCs only); Bylaws and Organizational Minutes, authorizing election of officers and directors, establishment of bank account, issuance of stock, and other matters (for Corporations)
  • Prepare and file IRS form SS-4 and obtain Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Prepare and file IRS Form 2553 and State S-election (e.g., CT-6) to elect “S” status, if applicable
  • For corporations, prepare and issue stock certificates
  • Organizational documents available online
  • Automatic enrollment in eMinutes Entity Management service
  • Agent for Service of process for six months (provided by eResidentAgent, Inc.)
  • Key ancillary documents (e.g., Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, Employment Agreement, Promissory Notes/ Revolving Line of Credit)
  • Follow up to ensure all documents are properly signed, filed, fees are paid, and formation is properly completed.
Our attorneys are admitted to practice law in California, New York, and Texas.
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