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20 • 2012

Jon Whitehead

Food sustains life, brings us happiness, connects communities and unleashes our imagination. It carries a voice that tells its tale through your taste buds, paying homage to the farmers, ranchers and fishermen who passionately generate nourishment for others.

Our mission is to provide our customers convenient access to these passionate farmers, ranchers and fishermen who sustainably grow and catch food of exquisite quality. We believe that greener pastures lie ahead.  As a society we are awakening daily, in ever greater numbers, to the realization that food harvested with love is not only better for our planet, it tastes better too!

Join us in realizing the simple pleasures of food as nature intended.

We know local and we know sustainability.  Martin and Matt have been running i love blue sea, the first sustainable seafood company based on the Seafood Watch guideline since 2010.  Around the same time, Jon opened the San Francisco restaurant Radius, which sources all of its ingredients from within 100 miles. We found ourselves headed on the same path.  We also saw a lot of work to be done to make it a viable path for everyone. We’ve joined forces to create an easy solution to better eating for a better future.

We formed a Delaware corporation for Jon.