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We form corporations for
11 • 2024

FinCEN Now Requires Reporting of Beneficial Ownership Information for All Companies that Had Any Existence On or After January 1, 2024           

15 • 2024

Insurance Producers Are Exempt from BOI Reporting

8 • 2024

New York State Revises Its BOI Reporting Law. Thank you New York!

What our clients are saying...

Adam Bush
Bush & Luke

EMINUTES is our go-to law firm for all our clients’ business needs, for everything from initial organization, annual maintenance and dissolution. Their online platform is well organized, very easy to use and extremely efficient. No one does a better job!

John McIlwee
J. McIlwee & Associates, Inc.

I just had to form a corporation, and it’s just so perfect.

Steve Swartz
SK Business Management

I’ve worked with eMinutes for over 20 years and they have always provided great timely services. They make my job so much easier!!! 

Jason Stoffmacher
Elkins & Elkins

The entire staff at eMinutes are always quick to respond to my questions. They are reasonably priced compared to a traditional law firm. Their portal is simple and always available. eMinutes is my first recommendation to all my new clients’ entity needs.

Eric Binder
Binder Co

I have been a client of EMINUTES since Jeff Unger started his business, and it is by far the most seamless and efficient platform for corporate maintenance available in the marketplace. Highly recommended!

Peter Benson Malick

Ever since my partner “turned me onto” EMINUTES ALL my worries about entity formations and dissolutions have dissipated. EMINUTES is almost always available via the internet, fast to respond, efficient with personable & knowledgeable staff. All that and less than half of what traditional law firms charge for formations and/or dissolutions.

Alan Reback
Reback Lee

We want you to know how much we truly appreciate all the work you do with us and our clients. We especially appreciate your help creating Hand In Hand, Inc., so quickly and efficiently.

Phil Ramos
ThxPhil Business Management

Eminutes has mastered corporate formation and maintenance. They make it simple and easy for their clients. Their use of business standardization principals is impeccable. Every business should strive for this type of efficiency!

Michael Leonard
SK Business Management

I’ve worked with eMinutes for over 20 years and they have always provided great timely services. They make my job so much easier!!!

Jim Tombor
Perisho Tombor Brown

Our firm sends all our client requests for business formation and legal management because the process is seamless for our clients and the work performed is top-notch. An incredible service for our firm and the clients we serve.

Tate Henshaw
Arc Management

I’m so thankful for EMINUTES and the service they provide our firm. The peace of mind I have knowing that our clients’ entities are being monitored and maintained saves our staff time and allows us to provide our clients with an offering I would not be comfortable proposing without such a great partner.