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18 • 2011

500 Entrepreneurs Blog

If you are a first-time entrepreneur in Los Angeles or New York, we’d like to form your company.  We love entrepreneurs.  Our lawyers will work with you to get your company started.  There is no charge, and we’ll even pay the filing fees if we like your story.  Tell us about your business plan and apply to be one of our 500 Entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

1.    Passion: We’re looking for enthusiastic first-time entrepreneurs;

2.    A Serious Plan: We’ll need an organized business plan and a bio from the founder;

3.    Skin In The Game: Our entrepreneurs should have sufficient resources to make the business successful; and we need a commitment that the entrepreneur will pay his or her taxes, engage a CPA, and maintain the company properly.

All we want in return is to be part of the story.  Our 500 Entrepreneurs will keep us posted on their progress, their challenges and their successes. We’re ready to have some fun.