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11 • 2012

Abigail Wald

Enjoying healthy, quality food has long been a value of ours.  Eric spent several years working for a food & wine critic, and Abigail is an avid home chef. But when our first son was born with a congenital heart condition (since repaired) and our second boy showed an intolerance to gluten, we were forced to look at food in a whole new light.  We started really thinking about where our food comes from, about sourcing the best, most wholesome organic ingredients.  One of the biggest problems we faced were all the artificial, neon-colored cakes that were featured at kids’ birthday parties every other weekend.  We wanted to be able to join in the fun, but we still wanted to feel good about what we were putting in our bodies. We needed a snack that would be portable, healthy, and truly delicious. Something that would make us and our kids feel lucky whenever we got to eat one. But everything in the stores was either too healthy tasting, or was yummy but not really good for you. So we developed our own delicious gluten free snack bar, loaded with healthy nuts, fruits, creamy coconut, maple syrup, and chocolate. Well, pretty soon, people started bypassing the sugary cakes and cookies and coming straight for our healthy bars.  The response was truly amazing, and it made us think , hey, why not spread the goodness around to other people looking for delicious AND healthy snacking alternatives?  After many months spent perfecting the recipes in our home kitchen, we’re thrilled to be launching the YES BAR with four exciting flavors.  It’s been a great opportunity to marry our love of gourmet food with our newfound passion for health and well-being.

We formed a California corporation for Abigail.