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26 • 2012

Alex Wang

Carapace Wetsuits sells customized, high performance wetsuits.  Customers will submit measurements and select from hundreds of color and design combinations through an online portal to receive a custom-tailored wetsuit within 2 weeks. Initially the company will offer a full-suit, spring-suit and jacket.  Alex  Wang is a co-founder of the company.  He  graduated  from  the  University  of California  Berkeley  with  a  BA  in  Economics.  Always  an entrepreneur  at  heart,  he  set  his  sights  on  the  high  stakes  world  of commercial  real  estate  brokerage  and signed  on  with  Cassidy  Turley  Commercial  immediately   after  he  graduated.  There he quickly  became  the top producer  in  his  division,  bringing  in  close   to  $8  million  in  deals  in  his  first  year  in  the business. Wanting even  more  to  satisfy the entrepreneurial  itch,  Alex  joined  the  family  business  Alliance  Global  in  2010, helping   manufacturers  in  the  US  partner  with  international  vendors  to  import  various  consumer   products, as  well  as consulting  them  on  the  technology  and  web  development  front.  During  his   time  there,  he  began extensive  research  on leveraging  the  technology  and  sourcing  platform  to   expand  and  create  additional brands  under  the  Alliance  umbrella. Aligning  his  passion  for   surfing,  international  trade,  and  technology, Alex  pursued  the  idea  of  creating  an  online  portal   that  would  allow  customers  to  build  their  perfect,  fully customized  wetsuit.

We formed a California corporation for Alex.