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19 • 2013

Ashleigh McGrew

Los Angeles based Ashleigh McGrew will soon launch Henry McGrew (LLC), an affordable, luxury American lifestyle brand geared towards modern professionals, specializing in bags and accessories. The brand pays homage to Ashleigh’s late Grandfather Henry McGrew, a WWII veteran, family-first-man, 30-year Chrysler assembler, and proud American citizen.  Born in the 1920s Henry stressed the values of quality, saving, and supporting American goods and products. This is why Ashleigh created Henry McGrew, because although the times have changed, our values haven’t. It embodies the professional presence but shares an eclectic and classic vibe.  Establishing Henry McGrew both bridges the fashion divide between the collegiate and professional; and gives every professional, no matter the salary, the means to have a classic look with quality materials. The work place today is not what our parents experienced. Ashleigh says, Work is more of a lifestyle choice these days. People can’t imagine staying with one company their whole career. Attention spans are short with information at a click of a button. Meanwhile we are expected to be multi-talented, flexible, and ALWAYS available! Technology has changed everything and we need to be prepared for any opportunity at any time.  Not only are things different, but they are more competitive than ever.”   Ashleigh was brought up in Sacramento but travelled frequently to the Midwest (Michigan, Ohio, and Alabama) to visit family. This California native eventually moved to Los Angeles with a track and field scholarship, earning a Marketing degree from California, State University Northridge and entered the job market upon graduation. A fan of fashion since the Style Channel showed runway shows at midnight, and she held her first copy of Vogue as a young teenager; she eventually began writing and covering Los Angeles Fashion and continued to expand. Soon she noticed a cultural shift throughout the last 5 years while writing about the fashion and apparel industry for Examiner.com, her blog Major Dilemma and forums. Ashleigh recognized the great need for a fashionable yet professional look. Lugging around a laptop all day doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it.  Known for her integrated marketing skills, digital marketing and PR experience, she has be able to lend her skills to small businesses in Los Angeles, which has sparked her interest in cultivating her own brand. Ashleigh knew the day would come she would leave for her own horizon. Ashleigh currently resides in Los Angeles and is launching the Henry McGrew collection this summer in Los Angeles. She will continue to work in marketing. Keep an eye out for the first Henry McGrew collection of bags. Stay abreast by “liking” the Henry McGrew page and coming soon visit www.henrymcgrew.com.

We formed a California LLC for Ashleigh.