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15 • 2012

Bethany Kelly

Kelly Communications provides a range of production services (print, online, audio, video) to entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, or holistic practitioners—anyone who is self-publishing or creating products or materials and is looking for a quality end product without having to learn or handle the ins and outs of the production process. Utilizing a strong network of professionals, Kelly Communications manages a client’s production projects, and provides customized packages according to the client’s specific project needs. Whether it’s website content development, taking a book from the manuscript stage until it is print ready, product creation and packaging, audio or video editing, transcription, or some combination of these, Kelly Communications is a one-stop shop for those looking for quality service and personalized care.  Bethany Kelly worked in the field of productions for 16 years, starting off as a graphic designer, then quickly moving into productions manager. After a health breakdown forced her to take stock of her life and its direction, she made the shift to becoming an entrepreneur in her own right, bringing her production experience and a network of professionals along with her.

We formed a California corporation for Bethany.