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1 • 2011

Dr. Tyler Krohn: Pediatrician and Entrepreneur

Tyler Krohn, M.D., F.A.A.P., is affectionately known by his patients as “Dr. Tyler” (www.drtyler.com).  After several years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and one year at UCLA-Santa Monica Pediatrics, Dr. Tyler followed his entrepreneurial vision and opened his own solo pediatric practice.

Dr. Tyler’s business plan is a mix of 21st century sophistication and 1950s care.  Krohn utilizes every conceivable form of modern technology to communicate with his patients (see, his blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page).  But his style with his patients is like something out of a children’s story about the friendly neighborhood doctor.  Krohn explains “I became a physician not only because of a fascination with medical science but also a desire for the uniquely intimate and genuine relationship between a doctor and a patient.  I care for my patients as if they were family and my utmost desire for them is their wellbeing.  To that end, I believe my patients deserve and should expect me to make myself available to them, listen to their concerns with patience, appreciate their desires with respect, and settle for nothing less than excellence in their lives.”

We formed a California medical corporation for Dr. Tyler and made an election to be taxed as  a “S” corporation (see, California Medical Corporation).