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3 • 2013

Elliot Cohen

Kosher Smoke BBQ plans to do on-site BBQs using wood and charcol fired smokers and grills to produce tasty, succulents meats. USDA certified Prime, Glatt Kosher meats are prepared using the “low and slow” method. This allows the fat to render as the fibers of the meat break down, producing a juicy, fork tender meal.  As guests gather for the event, the smoker arrives, emmiting the sweet smell of firewood and meat, producing much drama and excitment. Guests are treated to ribs, briskets, pastrami, chicken, veal, and other fine cuts of meat. Side dishes are avaiable, incuding cold slaw, potato salad, broccali salad, fries, corn and much more.

We formed a New York corporation for Elliot.