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8 • 2013

Erroyl Rolle

Erroyl Rolle, the founder and CEO of Cause Buzz, explains “Good Communities become better communities when everyone helps. At CausBuzz, we believe that volunteering is a great way to start.” Cause Buzz is an Internet-based platform that offers data-management services that allow people to easily find and connect to volunteer opportunities in their communities. We do this by creating integral connections among volunteers, local non-profits and local businesses; providing incentives and rewards to all three groups.  By the time he completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Graphics at Rochester Institute of Technology he had already rack-up a host of successful graphics and web based projects under his belt for several local area organizations.  These accomplishments were soon followed by two successful employment tenures as a Webmaster for both the Hudson Valley Children’s Museum and the prestigious Mount Saint Mary’s College in New York.  His achievement background consistently demonstrates a strong will and solid determination to overcome the odds.  Many are shocked to hear of his “Profound Dyslexia,” which he claims has made him into a focused, determined, organized, versatile observer and collaborator. “These skills were essential for me to succeed in the literacy-intensive employment landscape and has shaped who I am”. He is now completing a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He is convinced that this skill upgrade with HCI will keep him on his intended career track–to continue working, designing and creating innovations such as CausBuzz.

We formed a Delaware corporation for Erroyl.