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19 • 2012

Kai Alexandre

I’m Kai Alexandre—creator and executive producer of PottyMouthTV and founder & CEO of 3ENSO Media & Entertainment Inc. 3ENSO Media & Ent. is a full-service, boutique web3.0 digital media and entertainment company based in NYC. They primarily operate as an online media and entertainment network that makes niche, online-TV channels.  I’m part of the cable-TV generation. I grew up with cable-TV. When it became really popular in the late 80’s/early 90’s, it changed not only the way people consumed media and entertainment, but also the way and kind of content that was being made. Small ‘indie’ channels like MTV and a few others gave audiences a new kind of viewing experience and paved the way for channels like: CNN, Comedy Central, Bravo, G4, OWN, Spike etc. Using social media networks and digital video platforms, 3ENSO Media & Ent. aims to re-create and optimize media and entertainment for the digital era.

We formed a Delaware corporation for Kai.