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20 • 2013

Kalila Nasim

Kalila Nasim is the President and founder of Loud Secrets Inc. She has more than fifteen years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry.  Her passion for the fashion world has allowed her to be a successful buyer as well as stylist for several retailers over the past eight years. While traveling across the country she noticed that a common question repeatedly presented itself every time she stepped into a new area, “Where do I go to shop?” Needless to say large retailers aren’t hard to find where ever you are. Growing tired of this dilemma she decided to do something about it and thus Loud Secrets was born; a unique marketing firm especially designed for consumers, boutiques , small retailers and service providers alike . The Fashion and Beauty Industry is a global market and Loud Secrets was designed to bring the boutiques and service providers to the world on a unique platform. Loud Secrets is the wave of the future as one of the first of its kind.

We formed a California corporation for Kalila.