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3 • 2012

Lynelle DeRoo

I was raised in a dental family. I began working for my father, a dentist in southern California, at the tender age of 12. At 14 years old, he decided I should help generate revenue for the office. I attended the Dental Radiology course at Loma Linda University over the summer and obtained my x-ray license with the state of California. At 16, my mother, a Registered Dental Assistant and RN, reviewed me on course material for dental assisting licensure. I sat and passed that exam also, obtaining my RDA. At 18, my parents signed me up for coronal polishing training and certification. This allowed me to polish teeth. By the time I graduated high school, I already had a career.

My goals were higher however, and I completed a Dental Hygiene course at Loma Linda University the summer of 1984, and was granted a B.S. degree and state license.

Within a few years of embarking into my chosen field of dental hygiene,  patients would say to me, “You need to write a book” or “You need to make a video.” And that comment was daily.  Sometimes two or three times a day. Obviously my clients felt that others needed to know this too…and they would send in their family members to see me. I sometimes wrote out my brushing pointers (now called the S.M.I.L.E. Solution™), the 3 rules to flossing, and drew diagrams to send home with the client.

Over the past 28 years, my experience has honed my skill as an educator. Dentists and staff alike have paused to listen to my colorful and understandable patient education.

The most common comment I would hear after this coaching was, “How come I have been going to the dentist my whole life and no one’s ever told me this before?”

Likely, they, like you, have been told before, but perhaps it was rushed, or not in a way that allowed you to “get it.” Or, perhaps you were not told because the office was behind schedule.  Whatever the reason–I am here to share with you What Your Dentist Doesn’t Tell You because reaching just one person at a time, limited to 8 or 10 per day was just not good enough. I want to reach more. Like you!

So, being urged to either write a book, film a video, or lately, create a website, I am incorporating the latest social media to create my business “Brush For Life” and “Brush For Life Pro.”  The first division is for the general public, and the “Pro” division is for professional training of dental personnel and implementation of the S.M.I.L.E. Solution™ in their practices.

I was referred to eMinutes for incorporation of my business. Their focus on this niche has allowed them to be incredibly effective and fast at what they do. If I email them or call, I get a response immediately–sometimes as fast as 5 minutes. I am convinced that if I had had a fax/copier that was working, I could have gotten my Inc. filed in one day. Any delay has been on my part, not theirs. Every interaction with them has been impressive and positive. This phase in my business has allowed me to turn my attention to other things *I* specialize in, without having to worry if the incorporation is being done right. Their knowledge of the benefits and costs of incorporation in so many areas of business and states made it simple for them to deduce which would be best for me and my unique niche in the dental/medical/informational/business field I have created and chosen. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is thinking of incorporating.  They focus on what they do best, allowing me to focus on what I do best.

My name is Lynelle DeRoo and I reveal what your dentist doesn’t tell you. I educate and instruct about the 7 fatal dangers to your health as a result of gum disease and how to succeed at living a long and healthy life, saving you thousands of dollars.

My goal is that you brush—for life!

We formed a Delaware corporation for Lynelle.