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30 • 2013

Marsha Rappaport

The motto of Isle Scribe Productions is Research + Reality = Results. This phrase encapsulates the fusion of over 40 years of journalistic experience with 30 years of nonprofit management on the ground; supported by educational achievement. Those skill sets are combined in one company dedicated to looking for innovative ways to support democratic ideals during a time of challenge. The United States is currently struggling with highly divisive social, economic, and international threat issues. These issues have been enhanced by demographic shifts and natural disasters. Our role includes finding new media based solutions combined with ground based methodologies that help to meet our challenges as we work peacefully with others in the international community. It can be as small as helping a significant community entrepreneur with marketing materials and a new web presence or creating a new 501(c)3 for a nonprofit with community impact. Yet it can be as as large as targeted media streaming of critical Public Policy and Public Safety Issues to overwhelmed Legislators and other important public policy stakeholders. Isle Scribe Productions is need driven entrepreneurship dedicated to making a difference.

We formed a Texas corporation for Marsha.