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18 • 2012

Patti Shields

Patti Shields, has been working in the field of early childhood and parent education for many years. She designed and taught “Outdoor Classroom” for the San Diego Community College District, a parent/child participation class that takes place in various outdoor locations in the County. Every teaching experience has involved getting young children outdoors to  learn from nearby nature. Her master’s thesis “Learning in Nature” studied ways in which young children’s development is supported by direct, regular experiences in nature. She has seen firsthand the thrill of discovery, the appreciation of beauty and the natural sense of wonder of a child in the outdoors. The impact of disconnecting from the natural world has been a contributing factor in childhood obesity, increase in rates of ADD, and depression. Patti will  take her knowledge, skills and passion for connecting children to nature and create an all -outdoor nature preschool in San Diego. Children deserve to truly know the world around them and to have adults who can guide them as they explore and learn. At Home in Nature, scheduled to launch in April 2012, will provide young children with real nature experiences, will allow them to grow and learn with nature, and will help to create the next generation of caretakers of the earth.

We formed a California corporation for Patti.