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5 • 2012

Raquel Freeman

RF Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc., founded by Raquel Freeman, is a health services company focused on healing the body through proper nutrition and routine colon cleanses. Raquel, a vegan, believes in the importance of keeping the bowels functioning by eating a more plant-based diet and regular exercise.  She uses the  Wood Gravitational Method to help cleanse the body of poisons, gas and accumulated fecal matter. After spending the past 10 years as an IT consultant, she decided to change careers and to focus specifically on optimizing nutritional health, a lifelong passion of hers. She is trained and certified in Colon Hydrotherapy from the Wood Hygienic Institute in Kissimmee, Florida. Her long-term goal is to promote health solutions among people who suffer from diet related diseases.

We formed a New York corporation for Raquel.