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25 • 2013

Raul Baez

Raul Baez is President and founder of GETTING ON TRACK Inc. a company that teaches financial literacy to low and middle income individuals in New York City. Raul has been teaching the curriculum for eight years when he was inspired to illuminate essential truths about money management and the direct correlations to one’s quality of life.  Raul also has a real estate appraisal certification, is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in personal finance and has accumulated 18 years in Retail Management experience. The company’s mission is to teach financial literacy with a unique approach to eradicate poverty and indebtedness in urban communities. Our vision is to simplify the jargon and strategies of finance, navigating you from the storm of confusion and anchoring you to smooth landing of understanding. Our primary objective is to educate and empower our clients with innovative ideas and the proper tools for financial recovery. We provide an objective education forum which differentiates us from our competitors. We do it with purpose, we do it with passion and we do it right!

We formed a New York corporation for Raul.