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18 • 2020

Resources for Remote Work

As we are all wrapping our brains around the reality of the pandemic, I wanted to share the resources that have enabled eMinutes to make a smooth transition to remote work.

Onsip.  We have used this cloud-based phone system for years now.  Our attorneys who prefer an old fashioned phone have one in their home offices that plugs into their routers.  Alternatively, with a pair of airpods or headphones, our Macbooks are a fully functional phone system with routing capability.

Moneypenny.  Moneypenny is a back-up live receptionist service.  We selected Moneypenny because of their service and their back up office in the UK.

Slack.  Slack is our key tool for internal communication.  We recently upgraded from the free version to take advantage of the video chat tools in the paid version.  More than any other tool, Slack has helped us feel connected to our co-workers.

Zoom.  We have all been using Zoom to communicate with our clients and colleagues.  Our weekly internal meetings have been moved to Zoom, and we all look forward to the connection with each other.

Bill.com.  We use Bill.com for accounts payable.

EarthClassMail.  Physical mail has been our main challenge.  We have an extremely limited team, receiving mail and scanning it for handling.  Recently, we signed up for ECM, which will scan your mail and send you a PDF.

Zendesk.  We use Zendesk for chat.

Lockbox .  Although more than 99% of our clients pay us via ACH or credit card, we still see a small number of physical checks.  We are in the process of setting up a lockbox through our bank.  Once established, we will have a PO box where clients can mail checks.  Upon receipt, the bank will deposit the check and send us an image of the check.

AWS.  For years we have been investing in our technology, and our servers are in multiple, redundant geographic locations.  If anyone would like an introduction to our AWS consultant, please email me personally (jeff@eminutes.com).

Best of luck to everyone with the challenges you are facing.  We are sending you all of our positive energy and wishes for good health.