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11 • 2013

Selene Kepila

After 25 years teaching meditation, understanding universal law and principals of timing and energy flow, SELENE KEPILA authored the ENSELE FORECASTS, which is now regarded as a world-wide self-help tool in modern day life.  This online subscription allows individuals and companies to determine their best timing in order to achieve success in anything related to health, wealth and personal relationships. As the Product Designer of the ENSELE software, SELENE found herself advising major corporations, sports teams, celebrities, high profile public figures, executives and everyday people. After proving these theories scientifically, SELENE launched their first iPhone app ENSELE and is now available in the iTUNES Store. SELENE KEPILA has spoken at conferences and seminars around the world, covering topics related to energy, timing and universal law of nature and how that applies to our everyday living.

We formed a California corporation for SELENE.