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22 • 2012

Stephanie Ly and Matt Vecere’s Emprofit Creates Opportunities For Those With None

Emprofit, “Empower through Profit,” is a social business creating economic opportunities in resource-poor settings. Beginning in the squalid internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Emprofit employs vulnerable Haitians in a commission-based, door-to-door sales team. Sales associates sell on consignment, eliminating debt. Profits are recycled into Emprofit to scale up and provide employee benefits. Co-founders, Matt Vecere and Stephanie Ly, have worked on various aid and nonprofit projects in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. They rarely encounter requests for handouts, but are constantly approached by intelligent, motivated Haitians—resumes in hand—seeking employment. Returning to IDP camps multiple times during the two years since the quake, Matt and Stephanie have become galvanized by seeing friends living in the camps becoming sicker and thinner. The sense of urgency to create long-term, income-earning sources is reinforced daily by incoming requests by Haitians to work with Emprofit. Haitians will have the opportunity to lift themselves from poverty through the creation of Emprofit.

We formed a Delaware S-Corporation for Matt and Stephanie.