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7 • 2008

Welcome to eMinutes Magazine

Welcome to eMinutes Magazine! For over a decade, I have devoted my law practice to forming, structuring, maintaining, and dissolving businesses. We have formed thousands of corporations and LLCs for a mind blowing range of business ventures (from real estate development and restaurants to entertainment and the internet), and we handle the maintenance of thousands of corporations doing business in nearly every state in the country.  I have had the good fortune of working with the best and the brightest of the business world.

Every day I talk with entrepreneurs from throughout the world about their exciting new ventures. Our firm believes strongly in the benefit of involving all members of a client’s team, including their business managers and advisors, tax accountants, and general counsel, to develop the best structure for a deal. As a result, I have had the chance to be a fly on the wall when the most brilliant minds of the business world are putting deals together.

eMinutes Magazine is a single source where I will consolidate all of the information, research, lessons, business advice, and stories from the experts and entrepreneurs I see in action. I hope eMinutes Magazine becomes a resource that you rely on when considering your business ventures, growing your company, and, as we develop our content, I am sure you will enjoy reading the stories and advice from the business community’s best and brightest.