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16 • 2015

What Services May Be Provided By A Limited Liability Company In California?

  Licensed Activity LLC Permitted?
Acupuncture no
Aircraft repair no
Alarm company operators yes
Alcoholic beverages licensees yes
Architecture and building design no
Attorneys no
Automotive repair dealers no
Barbering, cosmetology, and electrolysis no
Boxing and martial arts no
Cemetery brokers, salespersons, and managers yes (sort of)
Cigarettes and tobacco products no
Common interest development managers no
Chiropractic no
Civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering no
Clinical laboratory technology no
Clinical social work no
Contractors yes
Cremated remains disposer no
Crematories no
Crematory managers no
Dentistry no
Dieticians no
Dispensing opticians no
Educational psychology no
Electronic and appliance repair service dealers no
Embalmers and apprentice embalmers no
Foreign labor contractors yes
Funeral directors no
Funeral establishments no
Gambling yes
Geology and geophysics no
Guide dogs for the blind no
Hearing aid dispensers no
Home furnishings no
Home improvement salespersons yes
Horse racing yes
Industrial hygienists no
Interior design no
Land surveying no
Landscape architecture no
Legal document and unlawful detainer assistants no
Locksmiths no
Marriage and family therapy no
Massage therapy no
Medicine no
Mineral, oil, and gas brokers no
Mule racing no
Naturopathic medicine no
Nonresident contact lens sellers no
Nursing no
Occupational therapy no
Outdoor advertising yes
Optometry no
Osteopathic medicine no
Paralegals no
Perfusion no
Pharmacies no
Pharmacists no
Photogrammetry no
Physical therapy no
Physician assistants no
Polysomnographic technology no
Private investigators yes
Private security services no
Process servers no
Professional clinical counseling no
Professional fiduciaries no
Professional photocopiers no
Proprietary private security officers and employers no
Psychiatric technicians no
Psychology no
Public accountancy no
Real estate appraisers no
Real estate brokers and salespersons no
Repossession perhaps
Research psychoanalysis no
Respiratory and inhalation care and therapy no
Sellers of travel yes
Shorthand reporting no
Speech‑language pathology and audiology no
Sterile compounding pharmacy no
Structural pest control perhaps
Surplus medication collection and distribution intermediaries yes
Tax preparers no
Telephone medical advice services no
Telephonic sellers no
Ticket sellers no
Veterinary medicine no
Vocational nursing no
Weighing and measuring device service agencies no
Weighmasters no
Wholesaler and third‑party logistics provider of dangerous drugs or devices no
Yacht and ship brokers no