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Women entrepreneurs

When women own and lead corporations, they affect cultural change and provide opportunities for future generations.

Our goal is to help women build more and build better.

For twenty-five years, we have had the honor and privilege to maintain more than 38,000 companies for the world’s best-known actors, producers, directors, writers, athletes, and musicians. We’re helping to amplify the voices of underrepresented storytellers through our Arts Initiative and now we are proud to launch the EMINUTES Women’s Entrepreneur Initiative and amplify the voices women leaders.

women taking charge

Making Money and Making Waves

New companies are fueled by ideas, passion, and hard work. Increasingly, those companies are created by women taking charge in their professions; women who are no longer willing to follow or content with the status quo. When women lead, they advance possibilities and cultural dynamics not just for themselves and their employees, but for all.

Women business leaders are credited with increasing collaboration, professional balance, diversity of perspectives, problem solving and team building in their companies…along with increasing revenues and public trust.

When women own and lead corporations, they affect cultural change and provide opportunities for future generations. Our Women Entrepreneurs Initiative was created to help women build more and build bigger.

empowering women

Build More, Build Better

While women start new businesses at a slightly higher rate than men do, they employ just 8% of U.S. workers and often struggle to expand. By empowering women in growing larger businesses, we can amplify their influence as employers, industry leaders, revenue generators, and community builders.

We support women entrepreneurs so they can focus energy on their core work instead of the complex aspects of incorporating, forming LCCs or complying with board meeting records requirements. Participants can be confident that their businesses are protected by the best legal framework as they expand.

Our society is ready – eager, actually – for women to own and lead the largest corporations and women are ready not just to have a seat at the table, but to own the table.  By helping women establish a solid legal foundation for their companies, EMINUTES gives women-owned businesses a substantial boost forward.

For women entrepreneurs

Simplifying Entry Barriers

Female entrepreneurs can focus on their growth plans and leave the foundational legal work to us. EMINUTES provides education about incorporating or forming an LLC, as well as a discount to women forming corporations – a fee of just $595 (including filing fees).

We will help you remove the uncertainty of how to classify your business and stay in legal compliance, just as we’ve done for thousands of other companies for two decades.

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